Course Overview

Warmest welcome to Yoga Nidra!

This is a course in higher awareness. It is a course for your soul. Yoga means union on a higher level and nidra means sleep. Yoga nidra can be described as aware sleep or yogic sleep.

Yoga nidra is the art of deep relaxation – in a state of higher awareness. There are many components of a yoga nidra class. In this course you will learn all the steps of yoga nidra so that you can develop and deepen your own practice.

In a yoga nidra practice, it may look like we are sleeping, but the consciousness is still functioning. We experience deep relaxation and a high level of awareness.

You may begin experiencing benefits from this practice already from the first lesson. You may find that your sleep improves and that your memory enhances, and you may find it easier to learn new things. Best of all yoga nidra helps you feel more connected, relaxed, creative, and inspired.

As you begin to develop your own yoga nidra classes, you can teach yourself anything you are interested in learning – as long as it’s in the highest interest of your soul. Yoga nidra is all about enhancing our awareness. Benefits such as better sleep, happiness, loving relationships, and miraculous events flow naturally into our lives when we are in a state of soul alignment. Yoga nidra brings about an overall transformation in our lives.

The course includes a detailed introduction to all the steps of yoga nidra, and also includes an illuminating overview of the subtle bodies, along with three loving yoga nidra audio recordings.

With time, you may find that yoga nidra brings you to a sacred inner place where you feel safe to expand even further – and that you may even begin to go beyond perceived limitations also off the mat.

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